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Out of Many
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Publisher:Pearson Education (US)
Publication Date:2008-02-26
Number of Pages:624 Pages
Book Type:Paperback
Weight:1365 gram
Books Dimensions:273 x 229 x 22 mm
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Out of Many

Out of many, you experience America's history! Out of Many was the first American history college text to put the diversity of America's peoples at the center of our historical experience. The sixth edition continues this tradition as the narrative weaves the distinct experiences and voices of northerners, southerners, and westerners, of African Americans, Latinos, and immigrants, of women and men, throughout each chapter. The author team developed a continental approach to the American past, demonstrating how each region has been closely linked to the broader currents of global development. It is our hope that Out of Many will best help students understand the history that has produced the increasingly complex America of the twenty-first century because out of many, you experience America's history!

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