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Natural Products from Plants
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Publisher:CRC Press
Author: Cseke, Leland J.; Kirakosyan, Ara; Kaufman, Peter B.
Publication Date:2006-06-23
Number of Pages:611 Pages
Book Type:hardcover
Weight:1256 gram
Books Dimensions:254 x 178 x 34 mm
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Natural Products from Plants

The new edition of this exceptionally popular bestseller provides comprehensive coverage of a wide range of Natural plant products. With six new chapters, the revision incorporates advances in molecular biology and plant biotechnology, extraction protocols, and analytical characterizations. Fully indexed, this well-known reference offers resources for conservation, medicinal and nutritional research, and private cultivation.
2008 NOMINEE The Council on Botanical and Horticultural Libraries "Annual Award for a Significant Work in Botanical or Horticultural Literature" From medicinal, industrial, and culinary uses to cutting-edge laboratory techniques in modern research and plant conservation strategies, Natural Products from Plants, Second Edition reveals a vastly expanded understanding of the Natural products that plants produce. In a single volume, this bookoffers a thorough inventory of the various types of plant-derived compounds. It covers their chemical composition, structure, and properties alongside the most effective ways to identify, extract, analyze, and characterize new plant-derived compounds. The authors examine new information on the chemical mechanisms plants use to deter predators and pathogens, attract symbiotic organisms, and defend themselves against environmental stress?insights which are key for adapting such mechanisms to human health. Along with updated and revised information from the highly acclaimed first edition, the second edition presents seven new chapters and features more than 50% new material relating to plant constituents, Natural product biochemistry, and molecular biology. The book incorporates in-depth treatment of Natural product biosynthesis with new collection and extraction protocols, advanced separation and analytical techniques, up-to-date bioassays, as well as modern molecular biology and plant biotechnology for the production of Natural products.? Unique in its breadth and coverage, Natural Products from Plants, Second Edition belongs on the shelf of interested researchers, policymakers, and consumers? particularly those involved in disease prevention, treatment, and pharmaceutical applications?who need a complete guide to the properties, uses, and study of plant Natural products.

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