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Health & Wellness
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Publisher:Jones & Bartlett Publishers
Author: Edlin, Gordon; Golanty, Eric; Golanty, Eric
Publication Date:2012-11-09
Number of Pages:776 Pages
Book Type:Paperback
Weight:1432 gram
Books Dimensions:217 x 276 x 25 mm
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Health & Wellness

Preceded by Health and wellness / Gordon Edlin and Eric Golanty. c2014.
Revised And Updated Throughout With The Latest Data And Statistics, The Eleventh Edition Of Health & Wellness Engages Students With Specific Tips And Guidelines To Help Them Evaluate And Improve Their Health Habits. The Text, Along With The Accompanying Website, Encourages Students To Learn The Skills They Need To Enhance The Quality And Longevity Of Their Life. Health And Wellness Covers The Many Perspectives Of Personal Health, Including Physical, Emotional, Mental, Social, Environmental, And Spiritual Perspectives, With A Central Theme Of Self-Responsibility For One'S Behavior. The For Your Health Study Guide And Self-Assessment Workbook Is Now Available In The Back Of The Book At No Additional Cost. Perforated Pages Allow Lab Activities To Be Submitted For Evaluation And Grading.

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