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Halo Graphic Novel
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Publisher:Marvel Comics
Publication Date:2010-06-30
Number of Pages:128 Pages
Book Type:Paperback
Weight:272 gram
Books Dimensions:256 x 169 x 9 mm
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Halo Graphic Novel

This graphic novel, based on the best-selling video game, brings the Halo universe to life for the first time in the sequential art medium.
Assembling a team of this talent, this breadth of style and scope, is no easy task. Pouring this much creative ability into a universe as broad and deep as Bungie Studios' Halo, is no mean feat. Pulling that together into a cohesive graphic novel anthology is a Herculean task, but here it is The Halo Graphic Novel Introducing four tales from the Halo universe by some of the finest talent in comic book history, including the central story, "The Last Voyage of the Infinite Succor," with art by Simon Bisley (Slaine, Batman, Judge Dredd) and a story by Lee Hammock. Creator of cult manga Blame - Tsutomu Nihei - writes and illustrates Sgt. Johnson's tale, "Breaking Quarantine," and the trio of Ed Lee, Andrew Robinson, and Jay Faerber team up to bring us "Armor Testing," a story of technology in the 26th century. Last, but not least is "Second Sunrise Over New Mombasa," from Brett Lewis and legend Jean "Moebius" Giraud.

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