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Faces in the Smoke
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Publisher:Cubicle 7 Entertainment
Publication Date:2010-06-08
Number of Pages:128 Pages
Book Type:Paperback
Weight:430 gram
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Faces in the Smoke

They Watch... from the salons of the rich to the darkest corners of the tenements, they are out there in the city. The city plays host to countless organisations, each with their own agenda, battling in a shadow war for supremacy under the cover of the smog that fills the streets. These groups range from the ancient to the new, from political activists to cultists worshipping dark gods. Their members range across society, inviting both gentleman and scoundrel to their secret meetings. So you need to watch your step as you cross the Smoke shadowed streets. The next person you meet could be one of them. But will they become an ally, or an enemy?

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