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Living the Life
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Publisher:Trafford Publishing
Publication Date:2013-08-20
Number of Pages:828 Pages
Book Type:hardcover
Weight:1374 gram
Books Dimensions:229 x 152 x 51 mm
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Living the Life

Living the Life Tannis Schroeder is about to experience a life-changing event that will change her life more than she knows. During the summer, she meets a guy named Landon, whom she easily becomes close to, only to discover that their short time together may not be as short as she thinks it will be. Tannis and her very close friend Sasha move from Spruce Dale to a small town called Hawthorn. This is the same town where Landon also happens to live. Sasha is dealing with her own possible love interest when she gets a crush on the guy who works at their local corner store. This is not all that is going on in this small town; there are some big events coming up. The cross-country meet that takes place at the Hawthorn Sand Pit-it's the first big sporting event of the school year. Everyone is preparing and getting ready for it. This and so many more twists and turns are about to await you in this first installment of the Living the Life series.

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