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Finding the Missing Link
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Publisher:Trafford Publishing
Publication Date:2012-08-01
Number of Pages:144 Pages
Book Type:hardcover
Weight:322 gram
Books Dimensions:216 x 140 x 13 mm
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Finding the Missing Link

This is a unique book that is highly inspired by the Holy Spirit. The book is meant to highlight and elaborate the crucial Findings behind every successful relationship and marriage. Possibly, you have heard the aphorism, "You are whom you are attracted to." Indeed, the will and ability to reveal the hidden truths about ourselves in this times necessitates conscious effort and deliberate Findings on our part regarding the crucial elements that influence our beings-elements such as family, identity, love, relationships, religion, and culture. These should not be undermined in our efforts to find the right person for us. This book successfully complements psychological researches with scriptural verses in teaching how to know the mind of God in these important Findings of life partner.

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