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One Wrong Turn
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Author: Annegret Werner Shaw
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One Wrong Turn

Seventy-seven long years have passed since Nora Oakley befriended Bonnie Parker, the notorious girlfriend of 1930s outlaw Clyde Barrow. It was a friendship built on secrets and a shared history of breaking the law. For years after, Nora planned to take her past to the grave. But life doesn't often work the way we want it to. Threatened with confinement to a nursing home by her son, Nora needs money to pay for in-home care and decides to reveal her story to her new neighbor, Nicole Norton, a romance novelist suffering from her own broken heart. The two become fast friends, and as Nicole is pulled deeper and deeper into Nora's story of love and loss, she can't help but dig into her own painful memories. Nora's story is sensational, and Nicole becomes fascinated with the legend surrounding Bonnie and Clyde. But when Nora reveals the terrible consequences she suffered because of her trust in Bonnie, Nicole and Nora forge a bond so deep that it transcends death itself and propels Nicole to make some hard choices about her future. Full of rich period detail and the intrinsic bond between women, "One Wrong Turn" reveals how the human spirit can transcend tragedy.

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