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The Diary of Thoughts - The Poems
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Publisher:Carlos Pacheco
Publication Date:2013-08-07
Number of Pages:248 Pages
Book Type:Paperback
Weight:335 gram
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The Diary of Thoughts - The Poems

This humble book is a compilation of the poems that are present on the first two Volumes of The Diary of Thoughts. I tried to link my written content and message, to the several subjects that are referred on each Chapter and also added excerpts of each one of them, namely those I found the most significant. These poems express my inner CONVICTIONS & BELIEVES, my IDEAS & THOUGHTS, finally the mirror image of myself as a human being. I also expressed myself in a very simple and humble way, using words that are reachable to anyone of us, what I believe to be the best way to communicate with each other and share our THOUGHTS, IDEAS and inner VALUES. The SPIRITUAL content that you can find on this book doesn't match any type of religion that might be connected with these messages except to extend them to all of us in a neutral and collective way. It's up to each one of the readers to find their spiritual identification and religious orientation while respecting the neutrality which defined my own CONVICTION & BELIEF. We can find on these written words, analogies with several subjective concepts about different matters as EXISTENCE & CREATION along with POLITICS & RELIGION but essentially focused on my notions about RELATIONSHIPS between human beings where FEELINGS are predominating. This book is dedicated to my dearest friend, Rosalind Machard due to her true FRIENDSHIP and her presence in my LIFE in my worst and painful moments. The significance of her presence is expressed through several poems that make part of this document which is the reflection of my FEELINGS, admiration and appreciation for who she is and what she represents to my EXISTENCE. Carlos Pacheco, Consthum, Luxembourg, E.U. the 19th July, 2013 Art cover and text review by Rosalind Machard

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