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Testament: The Book of Books
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Author: Subramanian, MR Dheena
Publication Date:2013-08-01
Number of Pages:62 Pages
Book Type:Paperback
Weight:95 gram
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Testament: The Book of Books

This is not a Book for reading, knowing, understanding and forgetting. This is a guide for practice to "know thyself," to realize wisdom, to know the Reality behind all existence ie., matter, life, intelligence, to reach the highest goal of human development, to achieve world peace and absolute bliss, to fulfill the very purpose of human life and existence. The spiritual energy and power of various cultures and traditions have been harnessed here together, simply, plainly, openly and transparently. Hence, this is called, the Book of Books. How man is distinct from the remaining existence? He alone identifies with the objective world and the self- constructed subjective world and becomes that himself, though for a very short fleeting moment. That gives him the knowledge of inner dynamics of external objects and thought process. (Man alone can identify even with abstract concepts).With that external and internal knowledge, he controls the entire objective world. The effect of identification is imitation. He repeats almost, involuntarily, the behaviour of external objects, beings and people. The only comfort is he has got choices, though limited. Therefore, the sense of identification and imitation seems to be the distinguishing sixth sense of humanity. From that alone springs all knowledge, intelligence, love, friendship, cooperation, obedience, sympathy, creativity, excellence, culture, civilization, history and everything you can think of. Humanness means essentially the capacity to identify with other things and beings. There are qualities and quantities of identification. The lack of identifying capacity means animalness or non-humanness. Total identification or merging with and being space is the key. This transforms identification from local or specific object (due to the presence of individual self ) to Universal Identification, which is the aspect of pure space. Spiritualism states that Spirit or Soul or Atma exists apart from matter and mind. Spiritualism further states that the Spirit or Soul is primary and foundational and matter and mind are secondary and super structural. From Socrates, Plato, Aristotle through Kant, Hegel, Marx, Nietze to Russel, Wittgenstein, Sartre, everyone had mixed up mind and spirit more or less. Instead of matter vs spirit or materialism vs spiritualism, it was debated as matter vs mind and materialism vs idealism. In fact, idea, thought and mind are finer by products of material, physical body, including brain. Idea, thought and memory are subtle bio-chemical processes in the brain. Idea and mind are material in nature. Along with the question of spirit, there was another parallel question about god. Is there one god or many gods? Is it he or she? Who is he? Let us glance what each religion has got to answer those questions and what is offered towards getting spiritual experience. Consciousness is both the Universal Self and the individual self simultaneously Realization of Consciousness makes one eternal in Consciousness and not in body or mind as they are naturally mortal. Consciousness alone is immortal. Sense of love and kindness is akin to the sense of Consciousness The sensation, devoid of sense perceptions and thought process, is Consciousness.

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