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Among the Cranks
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Author: James Greenwood
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Among the Cranks

This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated. 1905 Excerpt: ...damage to his cranium, and it strengthened their case against me. I was committed for trial, and acquitted of the charge of murderous assault on the ground that I was not responsible for my actions. And so you find me, sir, a man exceptionally talented, and qualified to hold high position at Scotland Yard, immured in a mad-house." Mr. Mell uttered these last words with much emotion, and was about to apply his handkerchief to his eyes, but at that moment he heard the dinner-bell ringing, and, altering his mind, returned it to his pocket, and hastily bidding me good-day, hurried off. A COMEDY OF CATS. I WAS sauntering through the garden ground on the women's side one sunny afternoon, when, in a secluded part, I came on an elderly lady occupying a garden chair, her companion being a comfortablelooking grey cat of sedate appearance, and wearing a bright brass collar. The lady, whose silvery hair hung in short ringlets, had no other covering for her head but a silk handkerchief, and was busily engaged in knitting a worsted stocking. There was nothing in her aspect in the least indicative of insanity, and thinking no other than that she was a member of the staff of the establishment, I paused in passing to remark on the fineness of the weather. "I hope it will continue so," she replied, pleasantly. "Quite a change from yesterday. I don't much object to rainy weather myself, but my Uncle Peter does." "Is your Uncle Peter an invalid?" I asked her. "An invalid!" and she looked up smilingly from her knitting. "Well, I am surprised at your asking. Does he look like an invalid?" And as she spoke she patted and stroked the sleek pussy sitting at her side. "I beg pardon," said I. "I thought you were al...

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