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Perfect Pastry
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Publisher:Anness Publishing
Publication Date:2003-04-25
Number of Pages:128 Pages
Book Type:Paperback
Weight:657 gram
Books Dimensions:295 x 230 x 11 mm
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Perfect Pastry

Who can resist the smooth, crumbly texture of a rich fruit tart or warm savoury starters encased in crisp, light Pastry? This new book will help cooks get the Pastry just right. There are recipes for every type of Pastry from shortcrust and choux to puff and strudel, plus practical advice on preparing savoury and sweet fillings. Basic techniques are explained with step-by-step photography. Over 70 delicious recipes are included from well-loved Chicken Charter Pie and Alsace Leek and Onion Tartlets to mouth-watering Coffee Cream Profiteroles. Full of fabulous recipes and packed with helpful advice and essential information, this is the ideal kitchen reference for every household.

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