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Food Lover's Guide to Portland
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Publisher:Sasquatch Books
Author: Crain, Liz
Publication Date:2010-06-08
Book Type:other
Weight:272 gram
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Food Lover's Guide to Portland

In this economy it's all about local, and Portland has developed a beautifully creative and bountiful Food and drink ecosystem. This book is the indispensable access guide to it all. Portland, the little Foodie town that could, is quickly becoming the national capital for all things edible and artisan. For cooks, tourists, people who love to eat, localtarians, wine lovers, cheese freaks, Parisian ex-pats in search of a decent baguette, cocktail hounds on a 100-mile diet -- this is the guide to the goods. Portland is all about the producers and purveyors -- the folks who create, produce, bake, distill, gather, and sell the things that make good eating and drinking possible. Essays range from pickling to following a forager. Whether you've lived in Portland your entire life, are visiting for business or pleasure, or are a hungry transplant -- this book helps you find all that is delicious in Portland.
For residents and visitors alike, The Food Lover's Guide to Portland is a road map to finding the best of the best in America's favorite do-it-yourself Foodie mecca. Navigate Portland's edible bounty with this all-access pass to hundreds of producers, purveyors, distillers, bakers, Food carts, and farmers markets. For home cooks or couture snackers, bring the best of Portland to your kitchen. From kombucha to whiskey to the freshest handmade cheese, fill your pantry, your table, and yourself with treasures found in the city and its immediate vicinity. Liz Crain creates a roadmap for the gastronomic adventures hidden in pockets throughout Portland, from found fruit clubs to by-appointment-only coffee cupping clubs.

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